MP3 Music Recovery

  • Recovers deleted or lost MP3 files and other media files
  • Supports music recovery on Mac and Windows operating system
  • Helps to restore MP3 music files along with other music file formats like WMA, MIDI, WAV, AIFF, AMR, etc
  • Simple and fast MP3 audio file recovery which provides 100% safety and security
  • Award winning tool to restore MP3 music files after accidental deletion or drive formatting

Have you lost favorite songs from your computer?

How safe are your favorite MP3 music files in your computer, laptop, mobile or any storage device? The standard belief is that the music files in your device will be there as it is until you delete them purposefully. However, there are a number of times when you play with your mobile or computer, pressing the delete button accidentally is quite common. What if you happened to do such mistakes? You just end up losing your file. If it happens to be your favorite song, something which took you years to come by, then there will be no bounds for your sorrows. In all these above scenarios, no need to get panicked! Deleted MP3 music files can be recovered back with just a few mouse clicks.

To achieve this task, you have to choose music recovery software that is effective and reliable in nature. There are various tools you may get on the internet but not all of them are trustworthy. Some may even cause more damage to your files. Therefore, you have to choose best recovery tool such as MP3 Music Recovery software, which will recover deleted MP3 files. This tool is very simple and any common user with least knowledge about computers can handle it very easily.

Reasons for MP3 music file deletion:

  • Accidental deletion: MP3 files might be accidentally deleted while using "Shift + Delete" keys or cut and paste command. This kind of thing usually happens when we intend to get rid of some useless files from stored location.
  • Files bypassing the Recycle Bin: If the folder in which music file is saved exceeds in size more than assigned for the Recycle Bin are deleted, then that folder will not get stoped in Recycle bin. Henceforth making permanent deletion of the music folder on Windows system.
  • File System Corruption: Files that are on any storage device can get unreachable due to the corruption of file system. One of the foremost reason for such occurences is due to virus attack. Viruses coming from internet or from any portable storage device can cause the corruption of file system of the drive. As this kind of instance happen each attempt made to access files from respective drive becomes futile.
  • Unintentional Formatting: In order to make space in hard disk or to fix inaccessible drives you may format the disk. This may lead to loss of entire data in the hard disk.
  • Deletion by Third-Party Software: Sometimes files such as MP3 files can get missing from saved memory space area due to deletion by some malfunctioning third-party software. This is the reason why many technical experts recommends making use of trusted software on computer or laptop.

When you delete MP3 music files, it simply deletes the pointer pointing to it. This, however, doesn't mean it is permanently deleted from the file system. So while you think it is no longer there, it will be still lying there in a remote corner of the hard drive. It remains untraceable to the file system. This is where MP3 audio file recovery tool can come in handy. This MP3 songs recovery software sniffs the file out from its hiding place, pulls it up and puts it into a folder. This tool can easily restore deleted music files along with various other audio file formats such as MIDI, WAV, AAC, AIFC, RA, AMR and even many more.

Silent features of MP3 Music Recovery software:

  • The complete drive is scanned within a few minutes and recovers lost or deleted music files in a very effective way.
  • By usage of this MP3 audio file recovery, any of you can retrieve the MP3 files from drive that has been recently formatted, corrupted or even deleted.
  • Recovered music files can be sorted on the basis of file type, name, size and creation date of the files.
  • This MP3 Music Recovery software is provided with inbuilt "Find" option to search file in recovered file list.
  • iPod music recovery can also be easily carried out effectively by the usage this tool. Moreover, it will recover MP3 files from hard drive, flash drive, MP3 player, etc.
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows Operating System.
  • If needed any of you can make use of this software to create recovery session, which would proof useful to decrease the time taken to conduct recovery procedure.
  • This MP3 songs recovery software has one of the best intuitive interfaces to restore deleted music files in hassle-free manner.

Steps to perform MP3 music recovery:

Step 1: Download and install MP3 Music Recovery software on your computer and after launching it select "Recover Photos".

MP3 Music Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select appropriate drive among the various listed drives and click "Next".

MP3 Songs Recovery - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Selected drive will be scanned and recovered MP3 files can be viewed in "Data Type" and "File Type view".

Retrieve MP3 Music- - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files

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