iPod Music Recovery

Want to recover your favorite songs from iPod?

IPod is the favorite device of music lovers. You can save thousands of your favorite songs and hear it whenever you want. All your memorable MP3 files are stored in iPod library. However, this popular device may show some data loss scenarios sometimes. At this time, iPod files show some error messages when you try to open them. Some common errors are the iPod is showing an unhappy iPod face or a folder with exclamation point. This will cause your files to be inaccessible and then you will need to make iPod music recovery. To recover deleted music files, you have to use some data recovery tool like MP3 Music Recovery software.

MP3 Music Recovery software is widely used to restore MP3 music on your iPod Nano, Shuffle, Classic or Mini. It can be used to recover media files such as audios, videos, images, raw pictures, etc. from iPod. Moreover, it will recover lost or deleted music files from other storage devices like hard disk drives, memory cards, USB drives, external hard disks, etc after iPod music recovery operation.

Common scenarios leading to loss of files from iPod are:

  • Accidental deletion: Human beings are prone to make mistakes. You might accidentally delete some songs from your iPod unknowingly.
  • File System Corruption: File system is used for managing data in an organized manner in iPod. Sometimes these file system gets corrupted due to some unknown errors which will show some error messages and does not allow you to access the media files.
  • Unintentionally restoring files: Sometime, if you unintentionally restore the data in iPod then it may lead to data loss. All the recent files will be replaced by restored files.
  • IPod auto synchronization: Sometimes, improperly auto-synchronizing data on different system may lead to data loss.

In all above cases, to recover deleted songs from iPod, MP3 Music Recovery software is considered to be the best tool. MP3 restore software is a master recovery tool which can recover both media files as well as basic files. The interface associated with this software is user friendly and helps user to accomplish iPod music recovery without any ambiguity. This software can recover MP3 files on Mac and Windows operating system.

This amazing tool comes with various features along it. Simply use this tool to recover music files of all popular formats like MP3, MIDI, WAV, AAC, MIDI etc. Recovered data can be sorted based on file type, date of creation, name etc. It allows user to save recovery session to avoid rescan, option to preview the recovered files before restoration and search for specific files based on their unique signatures. It can even recover data from storage mediums suffering from bad sectors. Utilize this powerful app in recovering music files from damaged SD card after a click on www.mp3musicrecovery.com/damaged-sd-card.html.

Notes: Now, Android phone user can also retrieve MP3 files with this application by utilizing this link, http://www.mp3musicrecovery.com/android-phone.html.

Steps to carryout iPod music recovery:

Step 1: After installing MP3 Music Recovery software on your computer, chose "Recover Photos" on the main screen as shown in Fig A.


iPod Music Recovery - Main Window

Fig A: Welcome Window

Step 2: Select iPod in the drive list and then click "Next" as shown in Fig B.

Recover iPod Music - Select iPod

Fig B: Select iPod

Step 3: Recovered files can be viewed in "File Type" and "Data Type" view as shown in Fig C.

Retrieve iPod Music - Recovered iPod Files

Fig C: Recovered iPod Files

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